ReVolt3000™   Model 1P

The Ultimate TOOL for battery repair and maintenance.

Finally!  An affordable battery maintenance system of commercial quality and power at a consumer price!  Save LOTS of money or even make money by Recovering dead batteries, Extending the lives of working batteries, or simply recharging them with just this single unit!  The ReVolt3000™ Battery Maintenance System is a battery tool designed primarily for 12V lead acid Car, Truck. Boat, RV, Airplane, UPS, Solar and Motorcycle batteries, but can also work with other batteries.  The ReVolt3000™ 1P is designed to recover dead batteries, extend the life of working batteries or simply recharge them as needed.  The ReVolt3000™ model 1P is capable of charging one battery while also rejuvenating another and requires no chemicals.  Typical lead acid batteries ranging from 1 AH to 100 AH capacities can be serviced with the Model 1P.  The Recover/Rejuvenate function operates on batteries from 6 to 24 volts.  However, the dedicated no-fault charging system is for 12 Volt only. Save your money and time by extending the useful lives of batteries up to 300% and beyond!


The ReVolt3000™ system is an all electronic device which has been developed to repair and maintain automotive, truck and boat batteries as well as many others. The Revolt3000™ is priced similar to units which claim similar properties, but are far weaker, use a less effective method, and are designed to install into a vehicle to maintain just one battery. Revolt3000™ functions similar to other commercial units which start at about $2,500 but is about 1/10 the price.

It is meant to be used by small garages or fleets, farms, ranches, etc. to keep batteries at peak performance well beyond their rated lives, or to bring back batteries which are no longer usable.  In poorer countries a single ReVolt unit may be able to extend the usable life of battery powered equipment or systems in small villages and towns allowing the money otherwise spent on batteries to used elsewhere more productively.

Theory of operation

The ReVolt3000™ is intended to be used to improve the performance of, or rejuvenate dead, 12 volt lead acid automotive batteries and many others. Others include, NiCad, NiMH and Gel-types. Many similar devices use “Pulsing” to accomplish this. The ReVolt3000™ uses a proprietary bi-phase pulse method designed not only to de-sulfate the battery but to clear small, low resistance zones or short circuits which can occur between cell plates that are in a contaminated baths.

The ReVolt3000™ can not correct bad chemistry, dried cells or damaged plates. Therefore, it works best on batteries which have not fallen into these conditions which usually occur from long extended periods of no attention (like years of sitting outside exposed to the elements).  Nonetheless, trials of the ReVolt3000™ on over 50% of the batteries from these extremes has still shown a success of recovery to typically 80% of the battery’s original capacity (about equivalent to a battery with about 2 years of use).

The ReVolt3000™ has two primary features: The revitalizer and the no-fault charger. Both can be used simultaneously on different batteries. The revitalizer can de-sulfate, clear small or low resistance zones and charge the battery all at once. The no-fault charger will simply recharge a weak battery, but often will do so when modern chargers can not.